Rollin’ To Troy OR

August 25th, 2017

We got an early start so we could be settled in Troy before dark. The road wasn’t very wide and really twisty but we made it into Troy no problem. It is a LONG way from anything! JP had already done some checking and the fishing wasn’t expected to be good. He had been here about 10 years ago though and wanted to give it a look – see. The lodge there is a Shilo Inn but you wouldn’t think that to be the case. There is a small restaurant (that is closed this year) some cabins and about 20 RV spots. The fella that runs the place says this has been a BAD year for rattlesnakes. Says he killed one as big as his forarm. Yeah – I was thrilled to hear that!

We picked a spot right on the river with some shade and headed out to investigate. Its really pretty in its own way. We saw deer and big horn but no fish.




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