Onward Ho – Virginia City

August 22nd, 2017

Virginia City was only 14 miles away and is certainly a tourist town. It has a train, stage coach, and a 4 WD transport truck for the gold mine tours. We spent the afternoon cruising the wood walked streets of the city. It was really well laid out. Rather than having the current retail stores and restaurants scattered with remnants of the past, they have kept the shops in town (with all their contents) in their original spaces.  Each space has an old fence entry that allows you to step inside a few feet to investigate and take photos. Really well done and the contents were amazing! These are just a few of dozens of photos we took.

Some of the buildings had been repaired but you could easily see how the old town must have looked. JP is entering what is left of an old phone company building. The brick building was the newspaper and the other was once a home.

The town museum was eclectic and authentic. It was so cool to see that many of the items had hand written descriptions on slips of paper pinned to them. Many were donated by locals that were willing to share the memories of their families. The museum had a little something for everyone, from a full collection of taxidermied animals (including some oddities) to books, letters, medical supplies – you name it! If it was part of life in Virginia City back in the day- it was included. I was mostly intrigued by the dresses. A good many of them were evidently stored in a trunk for 70+ years before finding a home in the museum. They were from the late 1800’s and were in perfect condition. I was most enamored by the wedding dresses. Some had the wedding photo to match. Amazing! The late 1800’s were a wild and interesting time and the fact that we have seen so much of it in all our adventures has been a little like time travel!

EXTRA FUN! We finished our day at the Brewery Follies. Its held in the old Gilbert Brewery and started back in 1984. The 4 performers were also the ticket sales, bartender, waitress and MC. It was truly off color, politically incorrect, silly and only for those with a particularly warped sense of humor! We loved it! It was 2 hours long with a short intermission for refreshment. The best way ever to end the day!



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