A Fishing He Will Go!

August 17th thru August 20th, 2017 

I’ve cut JP loose to go forth and fly fish while we are here in Ennis. So he takes off in the AM and tries different spots and sees different areas. I am happy to have some down time since I was without Wifi for quite awhile and wanted to get some biz done and the blog posts caught up. Plus since we were dry camped before this there are the usual chores to take care of. It’s nice to have a laundry right here at camp. 

8 Mile Ford on the Madison River and the tiny little flies he has been tying for fishing.

We did go searching for a lake that wasn’t on the map. It was a lot of gravel roads and several sets of directions we gleaned from other folks on the road. But alas we didn’t find it. It was a lovely late afternoon drive back though. The lake North Meadow and  JP is not one to miss out on a hidden lake! He went searching again the next day with some fellas he met at camp and had a great day!

View coming back from North Meadow*


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