Bonus Time!

August 15th

First things first! So after a very unsuccessful tire experience at Les Schwab we found an IHOP for breakfast (think WiFi) and searched for the elusive truck tire. It turns out that we can go through Butte tomorrow on our way to Ennis and remedy the situation so …

Since we had been dry camping for awhile so we decided to park Lucky at the Jorgenson’s Inn & Suites in Helena and enjoy a big bed, a shower, TV, a pool and hot tub! It was just what the doctor ordered!

Jorgensons helena



One thought on “Bonus Time!

  1. Love love love your awesome adventure…..keep the posts coming…we’re still bogged down with home projects so enjoy escaping into your world. Big day Monday for the eclipse???? Right…all few minutes of it…will be interesting to see if all the hordes of people expected will show. If so please please please send a buyer for old salon so we can be cut free. Im ready to it the road…head down the by way….look for adventure…take care

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