Missoula and Beyond

August 10th, 2017

We went crazy and ate breakfast at IHOP. There was a teenage gal and guy in the booth next to us. It looked to be a first date kinda thing. The entire conversation though was about hunting and where they liked to hunt followed by a detailed description (yeah, made me queasy) of how they field dress their kill. I’m thinking these 2 are a match. Romance Montana style? Maybe this is where they’re headed?


Onto a bit of shopping and then to downtown Missoula. Going to the old town center of a city is one of my favorite things about travel. Its a good way to get the vibe of a place. Missoula’s downtown is near the college and feels a bit like Corvallis but with a fishing and hunting theme.

There is an awesome carousel called Carousel for Missoula. It the first fully hand-carved carousel built by volunteers since the Great Depression. It’s  one of the fastest carousels in the world, and spins at almost eight miles an hour.

There is an awesome playground right next to it and a park along side that. Really nice place for a family outing!

This evening JP went to the Blackfoot to fly fish. He said it was a nice evening even though the fish were small. It’s on to new fishing grounds tomorrow!

Blackfoot River


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