Tourist Time

July 29th, 2017
Today we headed to Rose Lake and stumbled on to Watson’s Lodge. It’s a pretty old bar with an upstairs they rent out on VBO for a rustic getaway experience. The bar’s décor is all about Kennedy half dollars. All of the cupboard doors and counters had the coins imbedded in the wood with Plexiglas over them. The newest owner (since 2006) has honed his skills as a bartender and served his one guest by sliding the beer bottle straight to him down the length of the bar. OK, I’m easily impressed!

Next up – The Old Mission Museum in Cataldo just up the road. The Old Mission Church is the oldest building in Idaho. It was built between 1850 – 1853 by the Catholic Jesuit Missionaries and the Coeur d’ Alane Indian People. The grounds are lovely and the view is pretty, but the Old Mission Church was amazing. The Jesuit Priest that started the Mission was a multi-talented guy. He designed the church, helped build it with the Indian People as well as painted the pictures inside the church. In his spare time he carved the statues and then finished them in a way that makes them look like marble, built the alter, cut old tin cans and formed them into candelabras and designed the huckleberry stained ceiling panels. I was intrigued that the wallpaper was still on the walls though some if it has Plexiglas on the areas that are eroding away, but it is still the original wallpaper (think 1853) and was made by hand painting old newspaper! Pretty impressive! The story of the mission and the Coeur d’ Alane Indians is too long to tell but the Museum was artfully done and informative.

Yes! There was more to our day. We went into Coeur d’ Alene and visited the Northwest Tattoo Museum. The Tattoo Shop is owned and operated by Jay Brown. It’s a small place and the tour consists of Jay sharing his collection of tattoo memorabilia. There was old and unusual tattoo tapping pieces, one of a kind tattoo items, tattoo designs, old photos and posters. There was 30 years of collecting on the ceilings, walls, in the bathroom and in the display cases of the one room shop. There is no charge to have Jay give you the tour (which was about an hour and a half long) but donations are accepted. There’s Norman Rockwell mural painted on the outside wall of the building. tattoo 2

Jay’s passion for his art is apparent as is his love for his late dad, mentor, and teacher who was also a tattoo artist. His daughter will be his next and last apprentice. It was an interesting twist on-sight seeing!





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