St. Regis Montana

Aug 2nd, 2017

We have settled in and are kicking back today. You’d think that since we are on a traveling vacation/adventure that this happens all the time. Nope! The days fly by and are full of things to do and places to go.  So today I’m catching up the blog and JP is tying flies and all is well with the world.

St Regis Campground

This leg of the trip will be about fly fishing and I know JP is excited to go wandering.

The weather here is hot (and hazy due to the fires in Montana) but our new camp spot has lots of shade and there’s a small swimming pool (though not heated) that looks refreshing!

St Regis Campground

As of today we’ve been living in Lucky on the road for 6 months! Yes! Already! We cant believe it! Our lucky number is 5#. Our friend Jeanie gave us a little 5 plaque that we put up in our trailer. We picked up another 5 for our 6 month road anniversary. This one is branded wood. We will make this a little tradition and if all goes well we should have several more 5’s before we put our feet down again. 

55 1









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