Old Town Stroll

July 31st, 2017

We headed back to Black Sheep Sporting Goods (because it just wont quit calling to JP) and spent some time there before we headed to old downtown Coeur d’Alene. He bought me a treat! I love my new bobbers! cataldo 4

We found some unique shops with really cool vibes. Again with the repurposed stuff that intrigues me no end, because of course you can make a hanging lamp out of a hard hat or drum! Several thrift shops, pubs and cool eateries too.

cdl 1Note: While we have been in Idaho we have seen a bear, deer, Blue Herron, Osprey, Beaver, Coyote, Chucker and a moose in the brush to boot!  The Beaver family had one member with a sense of humor! He swam across the pond into the lily pads and came back out with a lily pad on his head. I’m not sure if it was a fashion statement or if he thought he was incognito – but it was pretty funny!


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