Camp Day

July 26th, 2017

Oh happy breakfast ! Waffles N More today. This place was packed which is a good sign and the breakfasts all came on platters. The big fellas leaving with to-go boxes are a dead giveaway the portions are huge. I’m thinking the waitresses are known for their social skills as well as their ability to multi-task. What a hustle bustle kinda place and yes – we did leave with to-go boxes.


We took a short hike up to the Jack O’Conner Center in Hell’s Gate where we are camped. We had never heard of the guy (probably because his fame was a bit before our time). He was an author of numerous books and he wrote a monthly feature for Outdoor Life from the mid 1930’s on. He was a college professor and outdoor writer on the subject of firearms, hunting and big game natural history. The center houses a collection of his mounts and the history of a hunter – conservationist. The pix show his camping set up for travel, the mounts and some of his books. I’m not a hunting gal (though we’ve eaten our fair share of venison when JP was hunting) but I am a book gal and was intrigued about his life (and Eleanor his wife’s) adventurous life and family. He passed away in 1977. His words will live on.

Later we visited the sports shop Lolo’s Sporting Goods where Jack spent a good deal of time and bough all of his licenses. Its been there since 1954 and likely hasn’t changed all that much over time.lolo








2 thoughts on “Camp Day

  1. Love all the details you give about the places you wander! Makes me feel like I’m there with you 😀

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