Out and About

July 20th, 2017

We went out scouting today by way of St. Maries. We only stayed long enough to pick up a few things at Blue Goose Sporting Goods and get some directions from the cheery gals that worked there. Then on to explore the St. Joseph River. The town had a pretty cool little Elks Lodge – not your usual type of Lodge building.

We spent the better part of the day driving and stopping so JP could get some fly fishing in. It was really pretty, though in spots a bit windy. We finished up the evening with some 4 wheelin’ down a steep bumpy road to a secret spot the gal at Blue Goose told us about. We caught a few bass and Blue Gill and headed home. We’re putting this on our list of places we will come back to and stay awhile somewhere down the road.


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