April 14th, 2017

Aquarius 1

We waited until dusk and headed to Laughlin (yes again – there are still casinos that haven’t bestowed freebies on us! We did the Players Club at the Aquarius and got our free play and took a tour. Its really a nice modern casino and according to the billboards they have tons of WINNERS! But alas we weren’t one of them.

The Regence was the next stop. It’s a family owned place with no hotel, hidden between larger casino hotels. If you didn’t read about it you would never see it. You have enter through the gift shop on the Riverwalk that connects the casinos on the waterfront. Its tiny but is said to have good food and cheap drinks. We did a walk through but didn’t stay. It was a curious place with a cow somehow being a key part of the décor?

Then on to the Pioneer. Another older casino hotel with a western theme. There are funky cowboy things as décor. We used our free play and did a little looking around. No big wins so home to Lucky.

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