April 11, 2017

We were out and about here in Bullhead. The city is young (established 1984) and was a mining area on the Colorado River which is evidently – endless! It’s a nice little city of sprawled across the desert with lots of cottonwood trees.

Later in the day we headed to Katherine’s Landing on Lake Mead. It’s a full-blown marina with lots of boats for rent and sale. Houseboats, fishing boats, and JP’s new favorite the party boats. At the docks edge near the restaurant live a school of giant carp that will follow you hoping for a feeding. Kinda scary the way the hold their mouths open waiting for a treat! I don’t believe fish are supposed to do that!

Laughlin is only about 10 minutes away so we made a stop there. We checked out the Colorado Belle that houses its casino in what looks like a giant paddle wheel boat. It has all kinds of old posters and crystal chandeliers. We had to go to the Edgewater next door as well since the free play at the Belle could also be used at the Edgewater. No win but no loss – we left happy!

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