April 8, 2017

Lake Havasu and Back

We headed to Havasu thinking we might take in the boat show but decided 90 degrees and crowds didn’t sound like all that much fun. Instead we looked in a few stores and went to the library to use the internet. Made a trip to In and Out Burger and then went to Smallcakes to get some cupcakes for dessert.


Tonight was waterfront frenzy!The upside to being in a site right next to the river is the view. The downside is Friday night! The river was busy with skiers and ski -doos and jet boats all day but when the sun went down the daring (otherwise known as reckless or possibly drunk) were running the river. Long after dark they were doing high speed (crazy loud) jet runs down the river. 

Great Tailed Gackle

Friday night must be date night for the Great Tailed Gackle because they were strutting their stuff on the trailer roof and making sounds like they were crazy too!

In the Evening we went to Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge. Its really set up! There are long paths to the fishing piers that ate lit with solar lights. They have wooden benches and rod holders along the fishing piers. We finally got a fish! It was a 5 pound catfish! We let him go (I do believe catfish are possessed) so he lives another day. 

*Little Note: It seems there are highway road signs I haven’t come across before. There are caution signs for crossing for donkey and wild horses and the ever popular UNDULATIONS 15MPH sign that we saw early in our trip near Sacramento. It may be one of a kind?

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