April 5th, 2017

Day Trip to Oatman AZ

We headed out with the pontoons today with the hope of finding some good water to fish to the North of us, outside of Lake Havasu. We did some investigating but didn’t find anything riveting so headed another half hour east to Oatman.

It’s an old mining town on Route 66 with donkeys roaming in the streets waiting for tourists to feed them the donkey food sold in the many souvenir shops there. It’s all about tourists and bikers and there were plenty of both.

The old town buildings are still there though and the hotel has preserved the room where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their honeymoon. They used to come back to town when they wanted some privacy and Clark would play card with the miners. It’s in the middle of absolutely nowhere – good call Clark!

The hotel bar was fun. Dollar bills everywhere. Even one signed and hung by Ronald Reagan. JP asked if anyone knew how much money in one dollar bills was in the bar – the fella from the kitchen said that it hadn’t been counted but using a mathematical formula they estimate it to be $250,000.00. We spend our money on a beer and headed back to camp.

We finished of the evening with another movie (Ghost in The Shell) and round of slots. Played for awhile and left with what we came in with. That’s a win!

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