March 26, 2017

52 Days!

We have been on the road for 52 days – which seems crazy! It doesn’t feel like that long. We have a routine for getting settled in and packing up to move and have found that a week at a RV spot suits us just fine. We are mixing up the types of places we stay to keep things interesting. We fit pretty well in our 21 feet but then again we aren’t in Lucky most of the day.  I was a little worried I would get bored since I can be a little hyper – but it’s been just the opposite. Most everyday is full and the ones that aren’t end up being  a welcome rest. 

I would vote for disposable clothes because neither of us love the laundromat no matter how nice it might be. JP and I have teamed up well and really are having an adventure. I miss my friends back home but I’m looking forward to being back in Oregon in May. Otherwise life is good!

We head out tomorrow for White Tank Mountain where we stayed earlier in our trip. We’re looking forward to hanging out with our friends in Surprise and enjoying the view from our perch in the desert. And away we go again . . .

2 thoughts on “March 26, 2017

  1. Thanks Robert! Good for Sue! The only thing that’s been missing on our adventure has been good fishin’ but we’ve had lots of sunny days and balmy evenings . That’ll do for now! We will have some catching up to do when we get back.

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