March 22, 2017

Oh Yeah – My kind of place!

We’ve decided the pool is where we will start and end our days here (so nice,  it opens at 8 and closes at 10). We now have access to lovely showers too – much easier than the tiny tub shower in Lucky.

I don’t think I can spend enough time in the Historic District of Tuscon. It’s lined with tiny bars, cafes,and all kinds of unique and unusual stores and shops. There seems to be happy hour at just about any hour. I love the names of some of the places, like the Hippy Gypsy and Bison Witches (eatery) and The Flycatcher Bar (see mouth mural). It feels allot like the 60’s in Berkley  (minus the tattoos and pastel haircolor).  Oh but how I love the murals!

We ventured a little further east to investigate the Desert Diamond Casino because we knew there was free play waiting for us if we signed up for a players card. Yes, indeed and we each got a $10.00 dining certificate which means we will have to return at a later date.  I’m good with that!

3 thoughts on “March 22, 2017

  1. Hey that’s my favorite casino to go to with Connie. I know exactly where you are. Keep having fun catching the sun!

  2. Ben says you have to go to Mt. Lemon – it’s a gorgeous drive. He thinks you can ride the ski lift to the top at this time of year.

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