March 17 – 20, 2017

Dry Camping, Sunshine and Starry Nights

Our stay here has been hot weather, lots of sunscreen, and clear blue skies! We’ve been rowing our pontoons all around the edges of  Lake Roosevelt in the shallows and weedbeds in search of bass but I only caught one (and released it).  JP had one on and we saw some jumping and rolling (teasing us)! This isn’t the kind of bass fishing we’ve done in the past so it’s a whole new learning curve. While fishing  JP saw a havalina come to the water’s edge for a drink and later we saw an owl – so we can add these to our wildlife list.

These past days have been quiet and easy. We mostly fish and scout the area and then grab our lawn chairs and head to the shore to brave the mosquitoes for some night fishing. We caught a couple of catfish and that was fun (though I think they are evil fish). The bats were really annoying ! They flew toward our light (where all the bugs gather) and they were constantly hitting our fishing line in doing so. Yep! One more addition to our wildlife list.

We did take a scenic drive around the Roosevelt Rim. So much open space! We stopped at a little store and saw some REAL cowboys. They were evidently taking a break but they were dressed like working cowboys and weren’t young ‘uns. We headed through Young and back to camp through Payson.

Tonight JP managed to avoid a hitting a pair of deer that ran right in front of us. One was bumped but the truck unharmed. Nice save on JP’s part!

All nights here end at the campfire under oh so many stars!


*Tiny note: JP did rescue a little yellow duckie from the lake. He is now “Cupcake” our Lucky Duck

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