March 15, 2017


On the Move

We headed to Cholla Campground on Lake Roosevelt today. It will be a change from the casino style RV parking we did this past week. Cholla is a dry campground so we will have to take our own water and use a generator for power. The weather looks like it will be warmer. Hopefully we will get some time on the water with our pontoons boats and get some fishing in.

Its lovely here, though the fact that JP is out scouting with a black light flashlight for scorpions (they glow florescent green with a black light) could be worrisome. He has been a sport through hours of antique stores, historical sights and ruins this past week so I am totally on-board with the new location. Its beautiful and quiet, we have a campfire and there are lots of stars. Not a thing to complain about! The photo is of the view from the back window of Lucky.

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