Feb 3rd – 5th 2017

Park and Stay Sacramento

Shade RV Park

Traffic OH MY! Were not in Bandon anymore . . .

Funky Find: Crickets Country Kitchen

Crazy, eclectic, breakfast diner, totally over the top, but the decor in each area of the restaurant seems to follow a loose theme (think birds, clowns, frogs, circus) overhead train and vintage (OK scary!) mannequins. Open for 30 years – quite possible the elderly waitress has been there from day 1? Great breakfast, worth waiting for. All the gravy you can stand! “Smothered” seems to be their favorite word! The best part was that it was a happy place, with lots of kind and loving quotes on the wall (and a few funny ones as well). Photos would have been easier if it hadn’t been packed!

On the road in the AM – 99 South to Bakersfield.

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